In the Original Tongue, the word halvard means defenders of time. Our Halvard, Defenders of the Sands of Time, are working round the clock to keep time moving, and ensuring that you and I have a future.

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Know Your Defenders:

This is your chance to ask Halvards everything you ever wanted to know about them! The latest to volunteer is: Ariba Anhel.

And don't forget to keep your questions coming in for the others.

About the Data Network

Here at the Halvard Castle Data Network you can find out all you want to know about Defenders and Preferred, their work, their lives. Read their public personnel records, or participate in the interactive Know Your Defender sessions.

In our Information section, Halvard Castle experts answer your questions about what it is like to be a Preferred, about Watchers, and even about the Warriors of the Shadow. If there is something else you would like to ask, you are encouraged to use the comments system.

Guides and Logicians at the Halvard Castle Data Network are constantly working to improve and upgrade the system. Your feedback is very welcome. Feel free to use the Contact page to let us know your comments and suggestions about this site. You may also use this to contact individual Defenders or Preferred. Just remember to clearly state the name of the person your message is for!


The Halvard Castle would like to thank Karen Blundell and Bob Baker for their assistance at various stages of the construction of this data network.