Warriors and Other Classified Information

First Commander of the Elite Guards, Companion and Adviser to the High Councillor, Halvard Arjun answers your questions about the Warriors, the books, and more:

How accurate are the accounts related in the books A Shadow in Eternity and The Key of Chaos?

A. The Halvard Castle denies any involvement with the books. The events related are fictitious and, to the best of our knowledge, a figment of the author's hyperactive imagination. The Halvard Castle Data Network is unable to provide any further information. For that, please visit: A Shadow in Eternity and The Key of Chaos.

Is the author affiliated to the Halvard Castle?

A. The Halvard Castle has no records of the author's affiliation. For more information on the author, visit her web site, Writeside.net.

What information can you provide about the Warriors of the Shadow?

A. The Warriors of the Shadow, or Sai'adyin, are an anarchist group that eschew the Law of the High Council. They have a penchant for making trouble and are given to random acts of violence. According to the High Councillor's Elite Guards, the Warriors of the Shadow have posed no threat to the general population since their defeat in the Kendark Civil War in 1981.

Does the Ai'diyar Prophecy exist?

A. The study and discussion of the Ai'diyar Prophecy is banned. Any attempt to gain information on it, discuss it, or use it to spread panic among the Halvard and Preferred, as well as the people of the worlds will be considered a serious offence by the High Councillor's Elite Guards and will be dealt with severely. It is currently Z-level classified because of its delicate nature, but if you ask for my personal opinion, I believe it to be a story with no truth in it whatsoever.

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MaTt HaRdY on 5 January 2010

pekala bunlar gerçek mi ? gerçekte de noah, chiyo, maya vey lev.. var mı yaşıyorlar mı? lütfen bu soruya cavap verin lütfen!

The Halvard Castle Data Network says:: We are very sorry to inform you that due to a system failure after the events described in The Timeless Land, we have lost some of our translation software, including support for Turkish language. Please bear with us. We will be back soon.

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