Know your Defender: Ariba Anhel

Halvard Ariba is a senior Defender and a Guardian of the High Council. Since 2000 she has held the post of Overseer of the Preferred at the Halvard Castle. Though she jokingly calls herself a "glorified house mistress", Ariba is liked and respected by the Preferred and their Watchers alike.

A Kendarki by origin, Ariba was Summonned and raised at a time of political upheaval when Kendark's autonomous status was being challenged by the High Council. As required by all Halvard, Ariba too had pledged to put her allegience to the High Council above her personal loyalties and beliefs when she was raised, but she was unprepared for the way the Kendark Civil War would test that pledge just years later. Like most young Defenders of her time, she was sent to serve in the civil war; but unlike others she often found herself on opposing sides of friends and family, and had to suffer the loss of loved ones, including her husband.

The shadow of the Kendark Civil War remained with Ariba up to 1997, when she was wrongly charged with conspiracy against the High Council. She was found innocent, and received a formal apology from the High Council. Her record was wiped as well. However, Ariba has always maintained that it was a mistake and mistakes are only human; that she holds no grudge against the High Councillor's Elite Guards who made the case against her.

In 1998 Ariba decided to serve as an officer of the High Council — known as Guardian. Barely two years later she was offered the coveted post of Overseer of Preferred.

Things you may not know about Halvard Ariba:

  1. She has two grown-up children — son Aizel Ariba and daughter Ailea Erren. Her husband died before the birth of their daughter with whom he shares a name.
  2. She collects shells.
  3. When Ariba was arrested in 1997, she was defended at the trial by Halvards Nira and Noah.

What would you like to know about Ariba? What was it like being a Defender and a single mother? Is collecting shells really an interesting hobby? Where does she live when she is not at the Castle?

So go on, submit your questions using the comments system. Ariba is standing by to answer.

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Marie on 16 April 2008

Hi, Ariba. You're pretty awesome. :)

Do you have time for a love life with your job?

What do your children do for living? Are you waiting for them to make you a grandmother?

ARIBA says:: Good day, Marie. To answer your first question, well, keeping an eye on Preferred is very much a full-time job, I'm afraid, and that is all I am going to say!

My son Aizel teaches at the Andarean Central University, and my daughter Ailea is training as a civil defence officer.

Grandmother-hood. Well... I can't in all honesty say I haven't thought of it. It would be nice, yes.

Kat on 17 April 2008

Hi, Ariba. You're one of my favorite Defenders.

What was it like being arrested? How did you feel about Nira and Noah defending you?

Did you like collecting shells as a child?

ARIBA says:: Good day, Kat. Well, frankly, being arrested was a horrible experience. Especially considering the nature of the charges. I wasn't even allowed to contact my children.

It's at times like these that you figure out who your real friends are. I am forever indebted to Noah, and Nira of course, for their support.

EDIT:: I am sorry I forgot to answer the last part of your question. Well, I didn't get into shells till I was well into adulthood. I suppose it's a rather useless hobby for non-Defenders.

Niklas on 18 April 2008

I got a question! Were you really really cross your heart innocent? 'cause, when people don't hold grudges against the justice system it is mostly because they got away and wants nothing more to do with it. I've seen it myself in movies lots of times.

ARIBA says:: Good day Niklas, and interesting question, though I am not familiar with the term "cross your heart". I suppose you mean to ask if keep down in my heart I am convinced I am innocent, is that right? Well, yes, my conscience is clear. I did no wrong and justice was served.

(What movies are these, by the way? I love Reality movies. My good friend Noah sometimes gets me DVDs—and he set up a decoder too so I can watch them on my RC.)

Marie on 22 April 2008

Why do you collect shells? How does one even get into that hobby?

ARIBA says:: I have no idea why, to be honest! Why do people collect stamps or shoes? I like shells, even though they are mostly illegal these days apart from Healing and decorative Illusion shells. The ones I have are all decorative shells.

How I got into it — well, it all started with my Watcher James giving me a basic Healing shell for my children when they were small. They were both rather active and accident-prone, and I am not much of a Healer. Anyhow, I was hooked. I can't identify shells on touch like my friend Noah can, but I am a Logician, and I spent a lot of time in figuring out other ways to identify shells.

And before you ask, no, I don't have any illegal shells. I have come across some, but I have handed them in — sometimes shells can be dangerous.

Marie on 23 April 2008

It seems like an interesting hobby. :)

Is your son single?

ARIBA says:: Ah, Marie again. I am really flattered at your interest in me. Well, as for Aizel — let me see if I have the terminology right, for I believe you are from Reality, and things are a little different there — he is engaged to be married. Does that make him single or not?

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