Know Your Defender: Chiyo Miyazaki

Halvard Chiyo is a native of the Real world, and comes from Japan. Summoned in 1984, Chiyo was a raising day duellist in 1985 and raised in 1986. She is adept at close to a dozen different forms of martial arts and also holds the coveted Inshain Master's staff. She has worked as a Healer and Guide in various locations in Eternity, and also as a self-defence instructor in Reality. She currently lives in Kyoto, Japan, with her husband and young son, and also her Preferred Lev Karenin.

In 2004 Halvard Chiyo got orders to Summon her Preferred. Lev was only fifteen, and the youngest ever to be Summoned after Maya and Yazid. Like in their cases, the reasons for Lev's early Summonning remain secret. Chiyo and Lev, and their friends from the Castle have featured in a couple of books relating some rather bizarre adventures. The Halvard Castle and the High Council deny any veracity to these accounts.

Three things you may not know about Halvard Chiyo:

  1. Chiyo is a fan of author Robert Jordan, and has read all the Wheel of Time books multiple times.
  2. She is a vegetarian by preference, but does eat meat if there is no other option.
  3. She fell off the balcony of the Castle and broke her leg, thereby missing her Logic badge test. She never rescheduled it.

Things you may want to know about Halvard Chiyo:

What would you like to know about Chiyo? Do her son and Lev get along? What other books does she like? This is your chance to ask her whatever you want. So go ahead and submit your questions using the comments system and have them personally answered by Chiyo.

NOTE: Questions will be moderated. Please ensure they do not violate the laws banning the discussion of classified subjects.

Swapna on 30 May 2007

Vegetarian! With all the good sushi and sashimi around! Or are you like the Bengalis - fish is vegetarian?

CHIYO says:: It isn't?! That's news to me ;-)

Niklas on 30 May 2007

Hello, I am a boy... I mean Niklas. But I'm still a boy though. Anyway, I was feeling sorry for you because no one asks you things... so...

Are you very sad people ask Noah more questions?

umm, with all your fighting skills, are you the one with the pants in your family? Or are you simply making the boys wear more girly dresses than yours?

Aren't you ashamed to like Robert Jordan at your age?

Do you think cats gets ingrowing claws? Cause that'd really hurt...

And finally, do you have to answer the math question when answering?

CHIYO says :: Wow, that's a whole lot of questions, Niklas! So if I was sad that people are asking Noah more questions, I'm not now! And anyway, considering I only came on a few hours ago to answer questions, I'm sure I'll catch up.

Regarding your second question, are you one of those Real world males who are threatened by women in power? I'm sure a few weeks in the Eternal City will sort you out!

As for Robert Jordan, I think his appeal is across all ages. I'm certainly not ashamed to like him. In fact, I found a wonderful forum the other day. It's all about Moiraine. It's called Moiraine's World. You should check it out.

I'm afraid I don't know anything about cats, though ingrowing claws will be painful, I imagine. You should ask Halvard Stephen. I hear he's next in line to answer questions.

And finally, no, I do not have to answer the maths question :-) I have a login account, you see.

Nice talking to you, Niklas.

Katie on 30 May 2007

Hello, Chiyo. :) I didn't know you liked the Wheel of Time books. Who is your favourite character? (I like them too.)

What is your son like? What does he like to do?

Do you like ice cream? What flavour? Can you have it and still be a vegetarian?

Did you ever do any pranks?

I'm glad you wanted to participate. I like Noah, but it's good to have a woman's perspective on things too.

CHIYO says :: Hello, Katie. Yes, I love the Wheel of Time books! Glad to find someone else who does. My favourite character is Birgitte Silverbow. Oh, I like Lan Mandragoran too ;-) I like the concept of Warders. I think us Watchers are a bit like Warders sometimes.

My son is a typical ten-year-old. Enough said! He is addicted to his PS2, and is sulking because we won't buy him a Nintendo Wii or PS3! We're trying to get him interested in some real sport too.

I love ice-cream. Actually, I can only have vanilla as I find other flavours too strong (because of touching Spirit), but sometimes I like to add sauces and syrups. I especially love the ice-cream and cake combination! I'm not very rigid about being a vegetarian. I eat meat when I need (and sometimes want!).

Pranks—oh, yes, plenty! But this is not a forum where I can elaborate, if you get the drift ;-)

It's an honour to answer your questions. I'm just overwhelmed you all want to know so much about me. And, yes, Noah is a great guy. A good friend. But I'm still glad you value my perspective!

Anakin on 30 May 2007

Dear Chiyo, I am currently training to be a Jedi (something like your Defenders) under Obi-Wan, and I really wish he would treat me as well as you do Lev. But that is another matter. What I really am interested is how someone as skilled as you managed to fall off a balcony? We do quite a few balancing tests using the Force and have found methods to land on our feet. Isn't it the same with Spirit?

CHIYO says :: Anakin, what a surprise to find you here! Why, I was watching your movies the other day! Anyway, about your question, well, it's a little embarrassing that the balcony incident has been listed on this page. I was hoping people wouldn't notice!

Well, let's put it this way, I was not quite myself when I fell! It's not just the use of Spirit, but also the sort of training I have been exposed to all my life—I wouldn't usually just fall off a balcony, believe me! The use of Spirit does give you a heightened sense of balance, yes.

Marie on 30 May 2007

Do you know Aizel? Is he cute?

What is your favorite video game?

CHIYO says :: The moderators at the Data Network tell me I should only answer questions directly relevant to me (or Lev)! But do you mean Aizel Ariba? Guardian Ariba's son? I know who he is, I mean, I would recognize him if I saw him on the streets, but I don't exactly know him. Why do you ask?

Hmm, video games? I don't really play much of those, though I watch with alarm at some of the stuff my son plays. If I had to name a favourite—though it's not a game but a training exercise—it would be a virtual reality exercise they make you perform at the Watchers' Tower. They call it endurance training.

Proteeti on 3 June 2007

Hey Chiyo! Good to have you here - and I agree with Katie, much as I love Noah, it's always better to have a woman to talk to.

So here goes - so you like fantasy fiction - have you read any others apart from Robert Jordan? And doesn't it feel strange to read about 'fantasy' when your own life and job so closely resembles the stuff that fantasy novels are made of?

And yes, do Lev and your son get along? And what does he think of your being a Defender - or is he too young for the enormity of it to have sunk it yet?

Do you like animals? I've never read about animals in the Eternal World - but surely they must have a role to play there?

And tell me - did you ever like Maya? Did you always distrust her?

CHIYO says :: Hi Proteeti. Yes, I like reading a bit of fantasy now and then, though I've only got on to the genre a few years ago. I am a little picky because I don't like the way women are sidelined and subjugated in most fantasy fiction. Even Robert Jordan in his later books seems to be falling into that trap. And yes, it's amusing to read them sometimes, knowing that to most people what I do would constitute fantasy!

Lev and Sam (Yoshi) get along pretty well, thankfully, even though they have very different interests and personalities. Sam doesn't know who Lev really is, though. I feel he is too young to understand the whole Defender business. He knows that I teach Lev and he lives with us because he has no family of his own. However, he's growing up, and sooner rather than later, both Lev and I have to come clean to Sam!

Hmm, I am not an out and out animal lover, no. It's not to say I dislike animals. I just don't like fussing over them, or like them fussing and falling over me. There are plenty of pets in the Eternal World, rest assured! There are cats in the kitches of the Castle, and some of the Guards have dogs. Halvard Stephen—you may have heard of him—has a cat too, and one of the other Defenders has special permission to have his dog in the Castle.

Regarding your question about Maya, I am afraid that is way too personal and I cannot answer. She is an exceptionally strong and skilled Defender-to-be, a nice person, a very close friend of my Preferred. Her Watcher is a friend of mine... I'm sure you see what I mean!

Thank you for taking the time to ask me these questions. I am honoured.

Edie on 6 June 2007

Hi Chiyo
Tell me about your husband. Does he understand what you do and how did he react when he first came to know? Is your son showing any signs of following in your footsteps?

CHIYO says:: Hi Edie. My husband, Martin, is a geologist. While he knows what I do, I don't think he understands! He thought I had lost my mind when I first told him about being a Defender. I had to bring him to the Castle and show him around to make him believe me! As for Sam, well, being a Defender is not hereditary, so it's not like he can follow in my footsteps. He's a very different individual from either of his parents. He's just ten now, and I feel it's too early to push him in any direction.

Maggie on 11 June 2007

Hi Chiyo ,
You're such a cool character . I really like the fact that you're so tough lady . Could you give me some tips on how you do it?

CHIYO says:: Thank you for your kind words, Maggie. How do you mean tough? Physically? Well, some of it partly because I have super-normal strength. But what really makes a difference is actually the old advice of eating healthy and exercising well. I was lucky to have been involved with martial arts all my life. My father was very particular that my sister and I were regular and disciplined in all we did.

sneha on 15 June 2007

Hii Chiyo..
well my name is sneha..i'm from bangalore,India..
the same place as maya is..
well..i know it's a personal question..but regarding maya do you trust her??and what about noah??
well..sorry i don't have anything much 2 ask..but i will surely come and visit you next time..bbyee

CHIYO says:: Hi Sneha. The question you asked was very similar to what Katie asked me (above). I told her the same thing I'm going to tell you. That I think Maya is a strong and talented individual, and she has been a good friend to Lev. What you really asked me was if I trust Maya. Well, at first I thought I wouldn't answer the question, but I am going to.

I have been quoted as saying that it is not Maya that I distrust. The same goes for Noah. He has always been a good friend. I hope you get my point, for saying anything more will make the moderators block this!

Naomi on 17 September 2007

Hello, Chiyo!

This may sound weird, but you are one of my favourite characters! Maybe because I'm a slight feminist...or because you rock ;)

Anyway, my question is, does Lev have any feelings for Maya beyond the platonic sense? In most of the stories, movies and reviews I've read, friendship is limited when it comes to a boy and girl.
And also, because they make a cute couple. Maya/Lev all the way!!

CHIYO says:: Hello Naomi, I am very flattered that I am one of your favourites—I don't think it's weird at all ;-)!

Of course, I'm sure you know that it isn't possible for me to answer that question, not just out of loyalty to Lev, but also because it is horribly bad manners to divulge in public anything one learns from the Link. What I do think, though, is that relationships, and especially friendships, can never conform to a particular perception, because no two people are alike, and neither are any two friendships. So, only Lev or Maya would be able to answer your question!!

I also feel very strongly that the affection, respect and loyalty anyone feels for another person really depends on those two people alone—be they women or men, girls or boys—and how they interpret their feelings. I doubt rules bind friendship! And in any case, while I can perceive Lev's emotions, I have no idea how he deals with them or interprets them!

Pakhi on 12 October 2007

Hello Chiyo :)
I really admire you, coz you really are a very cool lady and I think you are a great example for women power!
You're also really lucky to have a Preferred like Lev!!! Tell me one thing, do you or do you not trust Maya...I mean, I know it's hard...but I really didnt expect that reaction...Could you like, just explain what you felt at that time?
Yours Pakhi

CHIYO says:: Hello Pakhi, and thank you for your kind words. As for your question, I have answered that here before, but here we go again! Like I said, I trust Maya—it was the power she had that I distrusted. If you've read the Key of Chaos, you'll know that things have changed all over again.

Oops, I shouldn't have said that—I'm sure the moderators will be rushing to edit it, so I hope you read it quickly!

[MODERATOR'S NOTE: This answer has been edited. The Halvard Castle does not recognize the events related in the book as fact.]

Marie on 8 November 2007

You rock.

CHIYO says:: Thank you!

Lasya on 4 April 2008

my friends say that fantasy books like Wheel Of Time aren't real literature. Are they right?

CHIYO says:: Hi Lasya. I am curious — what do you think?

How do you define "real" literature anyway? As for me, I read for entertainment and enjoyment. Frankly, I really haven't much time for people who look down their noses on any form of literature because they don't understand it, or it's not to their taste. And if you like the Wheel of Time, you shouldn't really care what they think either.

Hope that helped ;-)

ayushi on 31 July 2008

hiiii chiyo....
may i know that whats ur fav. colour is?
and how will u define urself in just one line......

CHIYO says:: Hi Ayushi. My favourite colour is white, because it's a mixture of all other colours.
Defining myself in one line... ooh, that will be one really long line... Though I flatter myself in thinking that I'm too complex for one line!

elif on 12 January 2009

You are vegetarian?? =)

CHIYO says:: Yes. By choice. :-) Why does that surprise you?

Cemre on 10 February 2009

Hi Chiyo!(I know some English.)I want to selected! What to do?

CHIYO says:: Hi Cemre. Well, if you're going to be a Preferred, a Watcher will come to Summon you around the time you turn 18. Good luck!

ayla on 4 January 2010

siz gerçekten var mısınız yoksa bu yorumların cevabı yazara mı ait?

CHIYO says:: Hi Ayla. Many thanks for your message. I only wish I could follow Turkish so I could reply to you. Maybe Lev and I should work on a translation software...

usagi on 2 August 2010

chiyo ı love you

CHIYO says:: I'm flattered. Thank you. :)

kumsal on 17 August 2010

This book takes you to a movie?

The Halvard Castle Data Network says:: Movie?! Oh no, it doesn't.

Zeynep on 1 September 2010


Dear Chiyo,

(I know Eng. but ı am so bad in write somethinks :D )
Ehmm becouse of that my commet is a litte short...
You Rockk!!!

I apologize for grammar mistakes... :(
CHIYO says: Why, thank you. :)

KumsaL on 16 September 2010

But I'm very curious about this book and the fact that all this real?

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