Know Your Defender: Noah Jarryd

Halvard Noah hails from the Scandinavian nation of Sweden in Reality. Raised in the year 1988, he went on to become a Logician of repute, making a name for himself as assistant to head of Network Security at NEWorld at a very young age. He is one of the founding members of the EXtended TRAceable NETwork, and won a Recommendation of the High Council in 1997 for his role in bringing the anti-Sadir perpetrators to justice.

In 2004 Halvard Noah was instructed to Summon his Preferred, a young woman named Maya, who was then only twelve years old. This made Maya the youngest Preferred in history. The reasons for Maya's early Summonning have not been disclosed. Subsequently, Noah and Maya, along with some other Defenders and initiates of the Halvard Castle, featured in a couple of books relating rather bizarre adventures. The Halvard Castle and the High Council deny any veracity to these accounts.

Three things you may not know about Halvard Noah:

  1. He is an accomplished dancer.
  2. He is allergic to Andarean beril.
  3. He is fluent in seven languages: English, the Original Tongue (three dialects), Swedish, Norwegian, German, Hindi and Kannada.

Things you may want to know about Halvard Noah:

What do you want to know about Noah? His favourite colour? Does he have a girlfriend? What makes him angry? Is he really unembarrassable? This is your chance to ask him whatever you want. So go ahead and submit your questions using the comments system and have them personally answered by Halvard Noah.

NOTE: Questions will be moderated. Please ensure they do not violate the laws banning the discussion of classified subjects.

Priya on 1 May 2007

Hi Noah. I want to know, how did your daughter die?

NOAH says:: Well, this isn't the question I expected to be asked first up, but I am committed to answering. My daughter died in a traffic accident.

Nimish on 2 May 2007

Are you aware that you bear more than a passing resemblance to a character in a science fiction serial called Star Trek?

NOAH says:: There have been times Maya has compared me to Mr Spock of Star Trek, if that's what you mean. Well, I take it as a compliment!

Katie on 2 May 2007

Noah! There are a lot of questions I want to ask. I did want to know what your favorite color is! Is it green? I always thought maybe it was.

Why did you want to become a Defender? Was there anything else you wanted to be when you were little but couldn't because being a Defender took so much time? I know there are other Defenders that have lives outside, but I think it must still be a little hard!

Thank you for answering my questions. XD

NOAH says:: Well, I'm here to answer all your questions, so ask away. I never really thought of what my favourite colour might be. Green is a good one. I think I shall consider making it a favourite should the need arise.

As to why I wanted to become a Defender. This is a harder question than I first thought. Being a Defender is not an ambition one can have while growing up, at least not children in the Real world. When I was Summonned, at the age of 18, I was so intrigued that I couldn't refuse. In any case, my Watcher Nira is not a woman you can easily say no to! Even if I hadn't been a Defender, I think I would have done something in computers and technology. There was a time when I was a small boy when I wanted to be a tennis player, but that didn't last long.

Finally, no, I really don't think I miss having a life in Reality. In any case, I have a young Preferred to take care of who keeps the ground beneath my feet!

Devin Marie on 2 May 2007

Hullo Noah, it has been awhile. I was wondering what type of dancing it is that you enjoy? And related to that, do you like to dance swing?

NOAH says:: Hello, Devin Marie. I recall the mail you sent me about a year back. Nice to have you back here. I love just any kind of dancing, though I have a weakness for salsa. The Andarean five-step is another of my favourites and I look forward to teaching it to Maya (for our opening dance of her raising day banquet).

Swing dancing is wholly enjoyable. You are a fan too, I take it?

Proteeti on 2 May 2007

Hi Noah. I have to admit to a curiosity regarding your family—and by that, I mean your parents, and any other extended kin. Who were they? Where are they now? Are there any aspects of your personality that you attribute to either of your parents? And, since you don't have any alternate life in Reality, does it mean that you're not in touch with anyone any more?

NOAH says:: My parents, Hanne and Stefan Jarryd, are both dead. I haven't any siblings or close family, hence no one to keep in touch with. This doesn't mean that I am totally out of touch with Reality. I spend a good bit of my time in Bangalore to be near Maya. And I am also keenly interested in the computer industry in Reality.

I would say I'm a little bit like both my parents. Physically I am more like my father, though personality wise I take after my mother. She had a way of talking very calmly and softly when very angry, and I can see myself doing the same thing sometimes!

Souma on 2 May 2007

Hi Noah

I wanted to know more about your wife. How come you don't tell Maya these things. I am sure she would want to know. After all, you do know all about her whether she likes it or not. Do you consider getting remarried? What do you think about Maya getting older? Are you up for the challenge?

NOAH says:: Maya knows a good deal more about me than you'd think! As for my ex-wife, well, her name is Alicia Lindman. She lives in Denmark now.

Remarrying? Well, I wasn't expecting that question! I haven't any plans.

It is certainly very interesting to be with Maya as she grows older. It is fascinating, really—though she won't thank me for saying that here! I'd like to think I am up for the challenge as you put it. I have a lot of respect and affection for Maya, and I'm sure we'll be all right.

Nupur on 3 May 2007

Hi Noah, great to be able to talk to you. Where all have you travelled in the Real world, and what places would you like to visit?

NOAH says:: By travel, do you mean by virtue of being able to use the Portal Road? If so, I've been to India, to Bangalore, of course. My Watcher Nira took me to a few places close to her hometown in Kandy a few times. I've been to Preston, England, with my good friend Stephen. If you're talking of travelling in the conventional sense, I'm afraid I just haven't had the time to do that.

Laura on 4 May 2007

Are you cool, Noah? I mean, you're not odd, are you? I'm odd...

NOAH says:: No, I'm very warm, thank you, Laura. However, Maya keeps telling me to "chill", so I suppose I should be looking into this matter of coolness. As for being odd, we all have our idiosyncracies. Some people would say being addicted to Nutella is odd...

Souma on 6 May 2007

hey Noah
its me again
Have you ever visited Cali, USA? Is Chiyo still not trusting Maya? Why did you and your wife break up?

NOAH says:: Hi again, Souma. No, I have never visited the USA, but would like to some day. Regarding your second question, ah, well, I can't really answer, sorry! And finally, Alicia and I broke up after Hanne's accident.

Pakhi on 7 May 2007

hello Noah!!!!!
Well, i have one main question to ask you—are you worried that Maya might fall upon an accident and, i dunno, get hurt, or die! and if she does, so will you, so dont you get afraid?

NOAH says:: Hello, Pakhi. Yes, I have to admit, I do worry for Maya. The work we do is not always easy and sometimes dangerous. But worrying doesn't help! My job as her Watcher is to teach her to face dangers and how to stand up for herself. Of course, if she is ever fatally injured, I can give my life to save her. It doesn't scare me—in fact, it's a great relief to know there's always that to fall back on!

Souma on 7 May 2007

Hi Noah,
Can you tell me a little bit about when you were a Preferred? Did Nira act as crazy back then? How did you get to know Stephen?

NOAH says:: Things were not too different when I was a Preferred than what it is for Maya. I had to lead a sort of double life too, attending university in Sweden and training at the Castle. Nira was always rather, well, for want of a better word, overwhelming! We clashed quite a bit early on, and it is only when I got to know her better that I realized what an amazing person she was. I have always known that if I can be a fraction of the person and the Logician she was, I'll consider myself lucky.

I suppose I have been extremely lucky to have had people like Nira and Stephen to guide me. I first met him on the day I was inducted, when Nira took me for a medical evaluation. Like Maya and Lev, I think we hit it off right away, despite the fact that I couldn't understand a word of what he said because of his accent!

Pakhi on 8 May 2007

What's your favourite colour?

NOAH says:: Like I said in answer to Katie's question earlier, I never really thought about it. But now that you ask, I think I might be partial to green!

Edie on 6 June 2007

Hi Noah
Where did you disappear after you returned Maya to her parents at the end of the book? What is your relationship with her parents now? Can't you be friends and try to make them understand what you do in Eternity? After all they are educated people.

NOAH says:: Hello, Edie. Thank you for your questions. I shall do my best to answer them.

First, I went where I told Maya I would go: to stay with Nira, my ex-Watcher. I have always found her advice sound and sensible.

Second, let me ask you some questions: Would you willingly allow a stranger—for that matter, even an acquaintance!—to go off with your thirteen-year-old? Whatever explanation he offered you, would you believe him? Would an alternate world and "training to be a Defender" strike you as plausible reasons? Would you even believe the Link?

I can only answer for myself, and the answer to every one of those questions is NO. I am not happy about the situation this puts me in, because I completely understand Maya's parents' hostility towards me. On the other hand, I have no choice in the matter of training Maya. Moreover, under no circumstances am I willing to give up my position as her Watcher either.

sneha on 15 June 2007

Hi Noah..
well..i really don't know what i want to ask you..really
well I'm from bangalore,India..the same place as Maya..just that I'm 15..being 2 yrs older than her i suppose..
i really love ur seems the eerie types but u rock!
I always imagine myself in Maya's place and that u r my watcher...
i'd love 2 be a part of the eternal city one day..
maya is really lucky 2 have you....really
and as for question..hmm..lemme think
how is the knight u wear around ur neck a connection 2 hanne??
hope it's not too personal..
and dyu like bangalore??'s a computer city so u might be..hehe
soo u like dancing..i didn't know that..:)
ooh yea...thr's one line of urs which i'd like 2 put up...which u said 2 maya..'there are a lot of things i'd do for you Maya,but growing a beard is not one of them'..any specific reason for that??
well..i jus can't stop writing more and more but I would like 2 come to this place makes you seem more real..
what were the real things u felt when u found out about Maya?? i know u r blank most f the time..but deep down u have emotions too..rite? were u scared/sad/happy/mad/worried?? or what??
how did u console urself..I know things r personal between u and maya as watcher and preferred ..but plz consider me as ur preferred itself..and answer it..:)i would die 2 be ur preferred..
hope 2 cu soon..
thanks for answering my questions..
and love ur style!

[MODERATOR'S NOTE: This question has been slightly edited to remove references to classified information.]

NOAH says::Well, that is a long list of questions from someone who doesn't know what to ask. I am sorry you think I am eerie, but thank you for the nice things you said. Now on to your questions:

The knight pendant belonged to Hanne.

I haven't actually seen much of Bangalore as I spend most of my time in the Eternal City. It seems very hot and crowded after the City. But I have met some nice people, which is what counts.

As for not growing a beard, I tried it many years back and decided it makes me look hideous. I may be only a Watcher, but I am allowed my vanity!

As for your last question, you're right in that I can't really answer it openly here because of regulations about classified information. However, I can say that as Maya's Watcher, I'm always going to be with her, no matter what. There isn't any point in being sad or scared or angry, because whatever happens, we will deal with it. As for "worried"—that's any Watcher's middle name!

Thank you for your detailed questions. You're just 15 now, and who knows, in a few years a Watcher of your very own may come to Summon you!

Tugce on 21 August 2007

Hay my name is Tugce. I read Maya. I will read "the key of chaos". Good bye ... I love you Noah.

NOAH says:: Why, thank you Tugce. I am very flattered.

Naomi on 21 September 2007

Hello, Noah, my name is Naomi, and I have a few questions for you.

1. I hope you don't mind me asking this, but what are your thoughts on Owen and Maya's relationship? I have a feeling you don't approve, because of the age difference and all.

2. What are your views on Maya and Lev? I've asked Chiyo the same question in basic, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. Would you prefer Maya and Lev to be paired together or Owen and Maya? I know you are very protective of Maya, so I'd like to hear.

3. The last question I need to ask is, were you a geek when you were training as a Preferred? Are some of your classmates Watchers now?

If you could answer these questions, I'd greatly appreciate it!

- Naomi

NOAH says:: Hello Naomi, and thank you for dropping by with your questions. Let's see if I can answer all of them to your satisfaction!

First, I'm not all that fussed about Maya nursing a harmless crush on Owen, or anyone else for that matter—what fourteen-year-old's life be complete without one! Owen is a sensible and level-headed young man, and I'm quite sure he sees Maya's attentions for what they are.

Second, good friends are hard to come by, and I am glad Maya and Lev they have had each other. No matter who you are, what you do, where you live, it always helps to have someone to lean on. I was extremely lucky to get to know Stephen when I was a Preferred; similarly, Maya has Lev.

Now, I know that this is not exactly what you asked. But perhaps only Maya will be able to answer your questions honestly. I do not, and never will, try to map out her personal choices for her.

Third, yes, you could say I was a geek! I think I always have been all my life, and I sort of like it, too. I have never been able to figure out why it has negative connotations. I would be flattered to be called a geek. Is that odd, do you think?

Yes, quite a few of the people I was Preferred with are Watchers in training. You have to remember that I was asked to Summon Maya much before time. My contemporaries still (probably) have to wait a few years to Summon their Preferred.

Thank you for your questions, Naomi. Maybe one day soon Maya will be on here, and you can ask her everything you want to know!

D@riy@ on 19 October 2007

Hi Noah. I live in the Kyrgyzstna. I study in turkish school. One girl from the Turkey brought me first book about Maya. I tried to find second one but i couldn't at all. Could you help mee pleasse. I every time thinking about it....

NOAH says:: Hi D@riy@, as far as I know, there isn't a Turkish version of the second book. An English version is available here. You could also mail the author using this form.

Thank you for writing in.

D@riy@ on 28 October 2007

Thanks a lot Noah. I will try to find it.
I want to ask you some more questions.
Do you really love Lil and if yes why don't you marry her?
Do you have sisters or brothers?
What happend with your wife?
Thanks a lot for answering.

NOAH says:: Welcome back, Dariya, and thank you for your interest. To answer your questions: Did you mean Lian? Well, that was a long time ago—in fact, we were both teenagers, and went our different ways after that.

No, I do not have any siblings—I was an only child. As for my ex-wife, well, after our daughter Hanne died, we separated.

Anything else?!

Marie on 8 November 2007

Hey, hey, hey, Noah! Long time no see. Anyway, I've heard a rumor that you have a crush on a certain someone.

NOAH says:: Hello again, Marie. You're very popular here at the Halvard Castle Data Network. Well, what can I say—I am flattered to be the subject of gossip!

aysuhi on 31 July 2008

hiiii noah!!!!!!
i really don't know what to write...
i just want to say that i just love ur character...
i wish i can also join the eternal city...
and about the question...
ummmm...yes i got a question...
how did u feel when u came to know that u r going to be a watcher?
what was maya's the first impression on u?
i'll be happy to see the answers of these questions.....

NOAH says:: Hello, Ayushi. My apologies for taking a long time to respond to you. I am very flattered that you like me!

Well, when I first realized I'd have to be a Watcher, frankly, I was terrified. And to be honest I was a little annoyed as well because I had my life planned out — I was going to be a Network Security analyst like my Watcher, and the last thing I wanted was to be responsible for training a Preferred. But that phase didn't last very long. As soon as the effects of the Link manifesting wore off and when I really got to know Maya — at that time she didn't even have a name! — it felt absolutely fantastic. It has to have been the best thing that happened to me.

Maya's first impression of me is well documented! I don't really blame her — she was just being sensible by not trusting me right away. It was rocky in the beginning, but we get along well now.

ayushi on 12 August 2008

hiiiii noah!!!!!!
how are you????
and how is maya's training going on????


NOAH says:: Hi Ayushi. My apologies for the late reply. I was on holiday.

Maya's work is progressing well. She is proving to be a good Logician, and we have so far undertaken many projects together.

Mogs on 7 September 2008

Hello Noah,

My question is the most boring asked here to date, I'm afraid -- if you spend most of your time in the Eternal City and work there, how can you afford to live in Bangalore too? Do you work in the real world as well as the Eternal one to pay for it or are Defenders paid in real-world currency?

Thanks for indulging my curiosity!

NOAH says:: Hello Mogs. Not a boring question at all. In fact, very logical and I wonder why no one has asked before! At the moment I do not spend much time in Bangalore. That was the case when Maya was a Preferred and I liked to be close to her. I mostly stay in the Eternal world now, only going to Reality when work demands.

We are paid in credits, which can be converted to Real world currency if required.

Liisbet on 22 October 2008

Hey Noah!
I just wanted to ask you, what IS Andarean beril??? And doesnt every dialect of the original tongue kinda count as a language, wich would tecnically mean you speak 9 languages?

NOAH says:: Hello, Liisbet. Andarean beril is a specific kind of beril (a drink we have here) that is made from slightly different ingredients. I'm not sure what it is in it that makes me allergic, though!

A dialect is not really a language in itself, but more a form of a language, usually local to a specific area or group of people. It could have different pronuciations or grammar, but is essentially the same language. In the Eternal City, for instance, they don't speak a pure form of the Original Tongue.

rabia on 3 January 2009

sitedeki yazılanları anlamak isçin ingilizce öğrenicem...çünki;maya daki halvard noah bu karekter hakkındaki tüm yazılanları okuyabilmeyi çok istiyorum..umarım(sizden ricam)sitenin türkçe halini de gerçekleş

NOAH says:: Hello Rabia, thank you for writing in. Is that Turkish? I apologize for not being able to respond to you, but I will do so as soon as I am able to translate. Meanwhile, if you could post in English, that would help too.

Elif on 12 January 2009

Hi Noah..New adventure is available or?

NOAH says:: Hello Elif. Check out the author's website because I'm not allowed to say too much out here.

Cemre İrem on 9 February 2009

Hi Noah!
I am from Turkey.
I know some English.
I want to be selected .
What to do?

NOAH says:: Hello Cemre. Thank you for writing in. Sadly, there is nothing any of us can do to ensure that we are selected to be Preferred. That is decided even before we are born. If you have the ability to be trained as a Halvard, a Watcher will Summon you when you're older, probably around 18 or 19. I wish you good luck.

Ayushi on 20 May 2009

Hiiii Noah....
How are you???

How's Maya and everyone else in Eternal City???

NOAH says:: Hi Ayushi. I am very well, thank you, and so is Maya. She is visiting the Watchers' Tower currently on an assignment. Everyone else is doing pretty well too.

Layla on 30 May 2009

Are you for real? it's a very serious question. XX

NOAH says:: Hello Layla. What can one say to a person who doubts one's existence! How can I prove my "reality" to you?

syafiq on 4 July 2009

hi HALVARD NOAH... i would like to ask you which side you are on..? on the side of light or the side of shadows and you seem to be hiding more than it seems...and maya, your PREFERRED, seems to be interested in your life...can you answer my questions if you can cos' i know some of my questions doesn't seem to make sense... sorry 'bout that...

anyway hope to keep the ground beneath your feet

NOAH says:: Hello Syafiq. Well, I am speechless. You think I might not be faithful to the Sands? Though, of course, if I wasn't, I'd hardly be admitting that in the official Halvard Castle site! That would surely put me first in line for being tried for treason!

marry on 3 January 2010

love you noah !

NOAH says: Why, thank you!

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