Know Your Defender: Noah Jarryd

Halvard Noah hails from the Scandinavian nation of Sweden in Reality. Raised in the year 1988, he went on to become a Logician of repute, making a name for himself as assistant to head of Network Security at NEWorld at a very young age. He is one of the founding members of the EXtended TRAceable NETwork, and won a Recommendation of the High Council in 1997 for his role in bringing the anti-Sadir perpetrators to justice.

In 2004 Halvard Noah was instructed to Summon his Preferred, a young woman named Maya, who was then only twelve years old. This made Maya the youngest Preferred in history. The reasons for Maya's early Summonning have not been disclosed. Subsequently, Noah and Maya, along with some other Defenders and initiates of the Halvard Castle, featured in a couple of books relating rather bizarre adventures. The Halvard Castle and the High Council deny any veracity to these accounts.

Three things you may not know about Halvard Noah:

  1. He is an accomplished dancer.
  2. He is allergic to Andarean beril.
  3. He is fluent in seven languages: English, the Original Tongue (three dialects), Swedish, Norwegian, German, Hindi and Kannada.

Things you may want to know about Halvard Noah:

What do you want to know about Noah? His favourite colour? Does he have a girlfriend? What makes him angry? Is he really unembarrassable? This is your chance to ask him whatever you want. So go ahead and submit your questions using the comments system and have them personally answered by Halvard Noah.

NOTE: Questions will be moderated. Please ensure they do not violate the laws banning the discussion of classified subjects.

aslı on 3 January 2010

noah kesnlikle seni çok sevyrm... ama tüm bu konusulanları anlamıyorumm..:(

NOAH says:: Hello Aslı. Unfortunately, Turkish is not a language I know, so I can't reply to you. Maybe someday I will learn it. But thank you for writing. It means a great deal to all of us.

Şevval Elif Kurnaz on 31 January 2010

Noah, I have written you a message but Halvard did not get any reply you send me a message after the written reply of them do you get there, please reply to my clinic. I have read two books of the series I cry I love you all but I hate Lian my love Şevval

NOAH says:: Hello Şevval. I'm very sorry you did not get a reply. Things are a little messed up here, as you will discover after you read Maya 3. Thank you for your kind words and your support.

KÜBRA on 6 April 2010

Oh my got Noah!
I'm from Turkey.I've read the maya 1 and 2.but 3. not published yet:(
I am eagerly waiting:) I love Lev ,Maya and you:)my English is too weak:(Why are you standing expressionless?a funny question:DI'm sorry:)
ı want maya to kiss lev:D you said. please=))

NOAH says:: Hello, KÜBRA. Thanks for your message and your kind words. As for Maya and Lev... goodness. I'm speechless!

Vasudha on 10 April 2010

Hi Noah.

How was the Portal Road formed? And I'd really like to know how you're so freakishly tall. :D

Yeah, And I love Nutella too.

NOAH says:: Hello, Vasudha. Thanks for your interest. No one really knows how the Portal Road was formed (if they do, they're not talking about it). In fact, it isn't fully known how it functions. If you're aware of the events related in the Timeless Land, you will know that we discovered new things about it.

As for my height, I guess you could blame my parents. Oh, yes, Nutella. You can't get enough of some good things, can you?

kumsal on 21 June 2010

hi noah! I want to be elected .. . What a Maya girl?. Say hi to Maya in the meantime.

NOAH says:: I will, and good luck on being Summoned. If you do, please look us up.

şerif on 2 August 2010

hello noah I read maya 1 and 2 but I don't read maya 3(timeless land)I can't find it. I want to read it a lot.what sould ı do?

NOAH says:: If you have been reading the Turkish translations, I believe Maya 3 is yet to be published.

kumsal on 17 August 2010

Maya is beatiful???

Halvard Castle Data Network says:: Is that a question? Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, after all.

Gamze on 23 August 2010

Hi! I'm from Turkey . I'm sorry that my English not too good. I'm 13 years old and my dream a little bigger inside, but I wish this book could be real. I do not know here are selected stuff. I think it could be true too, but I want to be the truth. If we do not actually look at the question. Should I or should I say just ask:)) The real ones? (I'm talking about nonsense when I read the book but please reply böylebir.) May be in the book of truth oloaylarda? I love this character as the end:)

NOAH says:: Thanks for coming by, Gamze, and for your kind words. I'm sure I would like you too.

Gamze on 23 August 2010

Hi! they real??
NOAH says:: What do you think??

Açılay on 14 August 2012

The best book series I read in my life :) I love you Noah, sends greetings to Turkey for me, right?
Hayatımda okuduğum en güzel kitap serisi :) Seni seviyorum Noah, Benim için Türkiye'ye selam gönderir misin ?

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