Know Your Defender: Stephen Fuller

Halvard Stephen is a naturalized citizen of the Eternal world, but was born and raised in England in Reality. He is a Healer of unparalleled skill, and virtually a household name in the Eternal world. It may surprise people to know that he had a troubled childhood, and also struggled through an inordinately long stint of four years as a Preferred. Having failed his Healing test twice, it was speculated that he would be among the rare breed of Halvard Castle initiates who would fail to be raised.

Stephen was sent to serve in the Kendark Civil War before he was raised. There he performed duties of a full Defender, risking his life many times to save others, even earning an award for bravery. He also led the 2004 South Asian tsunami relief programme for the High Council.

When he finds time from running the Halvard Centenary Dispensary and instructing Preferred, Stephen attends various support groups—most of which he founded himself—for troubled children and rehabilitating drug users.

Three things you may not know about Halvard Stephen:

  1. He has a twin brother.
  2. His middle name is Stanley, after legendary English footballer Sir Stanley Matthews.
  3. It infuriates him when people have trouble understanding his accent!

Things you may want to know about Halvard Stephen:

What do you want to know about Stephen? Why does he support Liverpool? What is his favourite colour? Is he married? This is your chance to ask him whatever you want and have your questions personally answered by him. So go ahead and submit your questions using the comments system.

NOTE: Questions will be moderated. Please ensure they do not violate the laws banning the discussion of classified subjects.

Nupur on 24 July 2007

Stephen! Great to see you here! I love medical skills. I also like your relationship with Maya.
Tell me a bit about your friendship with Noah. How far back do you both go and how did you strike up your friendship?

STEPHEN says:: Thank you for appreciating my... er... medical skills. Earning them was a painstaking process, so it feels good to be patted on the back now and then!

My friendship with Noah goes back to the time when he was a Preferred. He was slightly under the weather the day he was Inducted, and Nira brought him to the Dispensary, where I was on duty. That's how we first met. We just hit it off right away, which is funny considering he has absolutely no interest in sport and I won't go near anything with a microchip if I can help it. Even though he was most annoying at first—he wouldn't understand a word I said, and there he was, speaking the most perfect English I ever heard. He said later my accent took some getting used to. There's nothing wrong with my accent, thank you very much!

Katie on 26 July 2007

Hello, Stephen!

I'm glad you were next! I wanted to know about pets and how you feel about them, and also: What is your favorite ice cream! Do you like it just in the summer or winter, or both?

How was it heading the relief effort? How long did it take you to set up that rehabilitation program? That's very impressive!

STEPHEN says:: Hello Katie. I like animals in general, and we'd always had cats at home when I was growing up. We used to have a dog too, but he was badly bullied by the cats! I have one cat now. Called Anfield. She's not strictly mine. It would be more accurate to say that she keeps me!

Ah, ice-cream, sorry, I don't like them! I find them too—well—cold! The thing is, touching Spirit and ice-cream don't always go together! If I did have a favourite, it would be strawberry, I think.

As for the weather, well, I live in the Eternal City and I love it there. There is not much difference in the summers and winters. It just gets a bit blustery over the winter months. I like pleasant, sunny days in general. Though sometimes I like the rain too—the smell of wet earth, and, of course, it reminds me of England and my childhood!

Heading the relief effort was a fantastic experience. Traumatic too in a way. We didn't have an awful lot of time to set up the relief programme, but we have some pretty good crisis management outlines that we follow in such situations. It doesn't take too long to adapt them. I'm glad you appreciate our efforts, but I have to add that I was just a small cog in a large wheel.

Katie on 27 July 2007

Stephen, you certainly answered my questions quickly! I just must have caught you when you were on. Thank you.

I like the rain as well. It doesn't do it very much where I live though.

You seem like a very brave guy! Being a small cog doesn't mean you aren't important. After all, all the pieces need to fit into place in order for the mechanics to work at all!

I actually did have a reason for writing back... um, I wanted to know if you were married.. or ever thought about being married! ^_^;

STEPHEN says:: Thank you, Katie, but I do feel the real bravery was shown by all those who had to go on and rebuild their lives from scratch. It is at the worst of times that you see the best in people, and it was an honour to be able to do our bit to help those courageous people.

You seem a regular visitor to the Data Network, so please do keep writing back!

And yes, I am married—twenty-four years now!

Niklas on 27 July 2007


Is it true that doctors/healers are popular with girls? Or do you need to be handsome too? oh... and are you married? What are the laws in Eternity like for that sort of stuff?

[MODERATOR'S NOTE: This question has been edited for content.]

STEPHEN says:: Ah well, Healers' popularity is a very up-and-down affair, I'm afraid. I suppose being handsome might help when people are not too impressed with your Healing skills! But on a more serious note, it is important for us to learn to put ourselves aside and look at things from the patients' point of view. It's worth a few bruised egos if you have a happy and healthy patient at the end of the day.

Next question (Katie asked me that earlier and I already answered): yes. The laws in Eternity are pretty straightforward, but High Council directives are a little more complex. In short, though they discourage Defenders from co-habiting or marrying, the law allows any two adults to do so!

Thank you for dropping by, Niklas. Hope I got all your questions.

Marie on 28 July 2007

I must ask: what can you tell me about Aizel Ariba?

Oh and um, what do you think about Beckham coming to the LA Galaxy?

STEPHEN says:: Not much really that I can tell you about Aizel! He is Guardian Ariba's son, and works in the Eternal City. How come you know him? Are you from these parts as well?

Beckham, ah... are LA Galaxy that desperate!? Well, no, I'm just kidding of course. I don't know much about US football—soccer, I should say—but perhaps he needed a move away from Real Madrid. To be honest, I am not convinced his going to Madrid was the best career move. Then again, this is purely a personal opinion. I haven't much time or inclination these days to follow the game. It's about as much I can do to keep track of Liverpool!

Marie on 29 July 2007

I am not from your parts, but I have heard gossip that he is dating someone.

I didn't even know the US had professional football/soccer teams until Beckham came. I, actually, know very little of the game. Aside from Becks being cute. But! I do hope he helps the US teams become a bit more global and maybe we'll even become good one day. Ugh, I should make that a question! Do you think the US can ever be good at football?

STEPHEN says:: Hello again, Marie! Much as I like a good old chinwag now and then, I really don't think I should be gossiping about other people—happy to answer things about myself, though!

I love the game, football, that is, but don't really know what's going on with it in the world. We don't play footy here in Eternity, which is odd, I know! I've been out of touch for a while, but are you saying the US are still crap at it?!

Pakhi on 12 October 2007

Hey Stephen........
Someone said that you and Jan were civil partners, what does that mean....and, is it true?
yours Pakhi

STEPHEN says:: Hi Pakhi. Ah, so you've been gossiping about me! Well, I'm flattered. Anyway, let's see if I can explain this simply. In Eternity, the term "civil partner" is used for any two people married to each other. Here, we don't have the elaborate or religious ceremonies associated with weddings—just the legal (or civil) formalities. So, signing some papers is about as exciting as it gets out here!

About Jan and I, yes it's true. We're an old married couple!

Marie on 15 October 2007

Hey, Stevie, it is I again.

A quick question: how long have you and Jan been a couple?

STEPHEN says:: Hello again, Marie. A quick answer: officially since 1983; actually since 1981.

Just for the record, I loathe the name "Stevie"!

Marie on 16 October 2007

Why do you dislike the name "Stevie"?

Also, I heard a rumor that Ariba might start to answer questions? Is there any truth to that? (hope that doesn't count as gossip ;P)

STEPHEN says:: I don't know why, I just dislike it! It's probably a bit odd as I've been called Stevie at home since as long as I can remember.

As for Ariba answering questions, I have no idea as I have nothing to do with the Data Network, you see. But I am sure she is going to be up here soon—she's always been a favourite.

Marie on 8 November 2007

I was wondering, do you ever feel awkward about the amount of youths (and adults) who seem to have crushes on you?

STEPHEN says:: Hello again, Marie. We were all beginning to miss you here! Anyhow, I do think you exaggerate—I'm sure people around here don't find me all that fascinating. Yes, there have been a few awkward incidents, but that's all in a day's work for Healers sometimes.

kübra on 4 January 2010

stephan siz gerçek misinizzz

STEPHEN says:: Hi Kübra. Thank you very much for writing in. Unfortunately, I do not understand any Turkish.

Vasudha on 10 April 2010


I was wondering, can you heal stuff like insomnia? And I'd really like to know how you put up with people's inattentiveness during your classes, due to your looks.

STEPHEN says:: One doesn't Heal the insomnia, but the underlying causes. So, usually, yes, one could deal with it. As for the inattentiveness, you flatter me! It isn't usually a problem — young Preferred are quite keen on Healing. Thanks for writing.

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